The Mating Season
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Release Date: March 21, 2016

Book 2: Mikolas

Mikolas Tatsu isn’t sure if he adores or despises Princess Krysanthe’s bodyguard, Voshkie. She’s hardheaded, stubborn and crass. Basically, she’s Mikolas if Mik were a gold nymph with really amazing breasts. She’s determined to do things her way when it comes to the princess and so far, she’s not been wrong. But when their convoy is attacked by ghouls aided by an inside man, Mikolas and Voshkie must work together to ensure the group’s safety which would be hard enough without the mating fever. Voshkie has a secret that’s not worth the feel of his hands, the hard circle of his arms, or the press of his lips. Only the longer she’s near him, the harder it is to say no. The end of this mission might just be the end of her.