The Mating Season
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Release Date: June 30, 2015

Book 2: Joker

The mating moon is rising…

The local bad boy discovers an AWOL female wannabe werewolf hunter has infiltrated the town and threatens to force shift her to make her see the light (moonlight, that is) about wolves.

Born and raised in a clandestine paramilitary cult dedicated to destroying all shapeshifting monsters, Leela Jones has to prove her worth by testing her deadly new revolvers on the terrible white wolfman. Too bad he caught her. Even worse, she’s not sure if she wants to get away.

Vicious werewolf hunters killed Bastian Villalobos’ father and left him to run wild, dreaming of a someday revenge. But when that someday comes, it’s in the soft, quiet shape of a lonely woman suffering the same pain as him. She knows him in a way no one else does, and together they could broker a ceasefire between their people.

Except not everyone wants peace…